Tan The Safe Way With Sunless Tanning Lotion

Spray On Tans – Airbrushed Sun Kissed Sexiness!

Its time to get ready for summer! You are probably embarrassed to show off your white legs in shorts? A quick solution is to use a quality so-it-yourself sunless tanning lotion.  These sunless tanning products can be found at retailers everywhere and are a safe alternative to sunbathing. You can tan your legs gradually so no one will know what’s going on or that you are using sunless tanning products. These are not the self tanning lotions you may remember from years ago that turned your skin orange. There has been many improvements and when using a self tanner you will get a much more professional look.

If the idea of applying sunless tanners makes you nervous, then you could always opt to go for another fake tan option, which will keep your skin safe from the sun’s harmful UV rays while still giving you the sexy sun kissed look at a spray tan booth! This is also known as an airbrushed tan or airbrush tanning. If you are shy about showing your body, then you should probably opt for using a sunless tanning lotion in the privacy of your own home. On the other hand if you want an instant tan that looks realistic and is applied evenly, then go with airbrushing!

Experts say airbrush tanning application is safe and the non toxic spray tanning solution that is applied to your skin will only penetrate the outer layers of your skin, so the tanner solution doesn’t get into your blood stream. The active ingredient is DHA which has been FDA approved for topical use. Most dermatologists this is about as dangerous as applying makeup. Which means it’s safe!  Some salons even offer organic spray tan.

The golden color you will achieve with this kind of tan will be streak free and look perfectly natural.  Another great thing about getting this service is the results will last longer, depending what what formula or product was applied, most lasting about a week to ten days.  You can extend the tan if you exfoliate your dead skin cells before having the product professionally applied.  Also be sure your tanning technician provides you with care instructions.  You should also plan on wearing dark clothing to your spray on tanning appointment, so any tanning spray won’t stain your light colored clothing.

Professionally applied spray tans do cost more money than applying a self tanning lotion at home. Plus there is the added inconvenience of having to drive down the the tanning salon or spray on tanning booth. On the other hand you will be able to get a sun tan all over your entire body in just a few minutes so the extra hassle may be worth your effort.

Prior to getting a spray on tan, call around to different tanning salons so you can get information on the best price possible because prices will vary and sometimes different salons will have specials.

Enjoy your new sexy sun kissed look!