Tan The Safe Way With Sunless Tanning Lotion

Self Tanning Tips

If you are wanting a gorgeous tan but don’t have time to lay out or are concerned about damaging your skin with the sun’s harmful rays, they why not try a sunless tanning lotion?  Self tanners have come a long way since the days of fake orange looking tans.  Did you know that you can go from pastie white to a nice golden suntan in just a few hours in the comfort of your own home?

If you have been curious about trying out a sunless tanning lotion then you have found the right article!  In this article you will get the top three tips for creating a flawless beautiful sun kissed look!  First we will discuss the price of self tanners and give you tips for picking a product that will live up to it’s name, then tips on self tanning application process will be covered and finally we’ll cover the steps necessary for getting the perfect tan from the bottle!

1.  Sunless Tanning Lotions – How much do self tanning products cost?
You will find self tanning lotions in a huge price range.  You should be aware that you don’t need to pay a lot of money to get a good product.  High price doesn’t necessarily mean you will be getting a quality product.  One thing you need to consider if what type of self-tanner you want.  There are spray on tans, wipes, sprays, rubs, lotions, etc.  Before heading to your local drugstore, do some research, one of the best things you can do is to go to Amazon.com and read reviews for these products.  Read what others have found worked for them and just as importantly which products didn’t work for them.  You will likely find a product that will give you that sexy suntanned look you are attempting to achieve.

2.  It’s Time To Wash and Exfoliate Your Body!
This step is just as important as choosing the product is.  When you are ready to apply the self-tan product you will need to shower and exfoliate before applying the sunless tanner.  Exfoliating is the most important step in getting an even great looking tan that will last more than a few days.  You need to pay extra attention to areas that are naturally dry like knees, feet, heels, toes, elbows, neck, etc.  You must remove all the dead dry skin so that your tan color will be even.  Anywhere that you have extra dead skin will become darker with the tanning process, so be sure to remove all that dead skin!

3.  The Application
When applying the sunless tanning product you will be needing some gloves.  Some people swear by using cotton gloves for self tanning but I haven’t noticed a difference and just use cheap latex gloves.  You need to make sure you wear gloves because if you don’t you will find yourself very dark hands, especially the palms of your hands.  This isn’t a cool look so be sure to use gloves.  From here on you will need to follow the directions on your sunless tanning lotion because the directions do very by manufacturer.  Remember to apply the self-tanning product evenly and watch out out of missed spots.  Even coverage will give you a beautiful tan!