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Sexy Sunless Tanning Lotion

Getting a sexy sunless tan in the comfort of your own home is economical and easy! Find out how here at sunlesstanninglotion.net!

You can have that sexy sun kissed look with the right sunless tanning lotion.  These lotions are FDA approved and can be used without fear of dangerous UV rays from the sun.

Sexy Sunless Tanning Lotions Today

Sunless tanning lotions are made by many manufactures and one may become confused trying to figure out the best brand for them.  Self tanning lotions have come a long way since the days of streaky orange results.  I think everyone knows someone who turned themselves orange trying to get the a sun tan from a bottle.  Most of these people just went down to their local drug store and bought whatever sunless tanning product that was on the shelf.  Well the good news is technology has come a long ways since those days and now you can get a great looking tan from the bottle without worrying about turning orange.

Self tanning lotions come in a lotion form and a spray on form.  Both types work great and it’s really just a matter of personal preference.  They both contain the same sort of active ingredient called “Dihdroxyacetone”.  When the tanning lotion or spray is applied to your skin the Dihydroxyacetone actually dyes the dead skin cells on your skin to a nice tanned color.   Only the top layer of your skin is affected so you won’t have to worry about the lotion getting into your bloodstream or body.

When applying sunless tanning lotion you should take care to read the instructions which come with the product.  If this is your first time, its a good idea to have an assistant to make sure you haven’t missed any spots which you can not see very well.  This will help you to achieve a good even result.  Prior to applying the lotion you will want to exfoliate the area where you are going to apply the lotion.  This will extend the life of your tan.  When applying the lotion it’s a good idea to take your time, don’t be in a rush or apply it when you may be interupted.  Most of the sunless tanning lotions dry quickly, in just a few minutes after application.